• Land Area: 535 square miles
  • Population (2020): 37,167
  • County Seat: Fremont
  • Towns and Population (2020): Ames, unincorporated; Dodge, 611; Fremont, 27,141; Hooper, 857; Inglewood, 380; Nickerson, 312; North Bend, 1,279; Scribner, 843; Snyder, 254; Uehling, 241; Winslow, 19.
  • Public School Districts: Dodge-Howells Unified Schools, Dodge; Fremont Public Schools, Fremont; Logan View Public Schools, Hooper, Nickerson, and Uehling; North Bend Central Public Schools, North Bend; Scribner-Snyder Community School, Scribner and Snyder.
  • Private School Districts: Archbishop Bergan Schools, Fremont; Trinity Lutheran Elementary Schools, Fremont; St. Wenceslaus Elementary School, Dodge.

Dodge County Historical Information

Dodge County Historical Society/May Museum