Ballot Information

Election Commissioner

Fred Mytty
435 N Park Rm 102
Fremont, NE 68025
(402) 727-2767
FAX: (402) 727-2764

Dodge County Polling Places

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Registering to Vote

Register to Vote Online

Download Nebraska Secretary of State Voter forms

You can register in person at 435 N Park Rm 102, Fremont, NE 68025 until 6:00 P.M., the second Friday before any election. Yes, we will be opened until 6 P.M. on that night. To register by mail, use the link above to download a Voter Registration form. However, the deadline for registering by mail and at deputy registrars is the third Friday before any election.

Remember, once registered, you do not have to reregister unless you move, change your political party affiliation, or change your name.

Early Voter's Ballot Request

2020 Early Voter Application form

The easiest way to vote early is to vote in person at our office up until 4:30 P.M., the day before any election. By statutes, Early Voting at our office begins 30 days prior to any statewide election and 15 days prior to any special election.

If you want to vote from home and want us to mail an Early Ballot to you, use the link above to download a form. Complete the form and mail it to us.  It must be received no later than 6:00 P.M., the 2nd Friday preceding the election.

The final way to vote early is to appoint an agent for you to pick up a ballot for you and have the agent deliver to you and back to our office after it is voted. The deadline to appoint an agent is 7:00 P.M., Election Night. Like all early ballot envelopes, they have to be returned to our office by 8:00 P.M., Election Night. Agents have restrictions. A person cannot be an agent for no more than two voters and an agent cannot be a member of a candidate campaign committee.

Remember, we need a signature of the voter or agent on the early voter application and before you send the ballot back, we need the voter's signature and other information on the ballot return envelope.

Candidates filing for the Primary Election

This includes county board, city councils or mayors, and school board. The form has to be notarized and sent to my office or completed at my office where it can be notarized.

2020 Candidates who have filed

The following is the official Notice of the Primary Election. It will explain which candidates automatically advance to the General Election so their names will not appear on any primary election ballot.

2018 Notice of Primary Election

Dropbox in Alley west of Courthouse

We have had a drop box for absentee/early voters ballots since 2014. To use it, go north in the alley from 4th Street between the Courthouse and Judicial Center and it is on your left at the end of the Judicial Center. You can drop it off without getting out of your vehicle. Here is what it looks like: Red Dropbox